• Your Personal Finance Magazine

    MoneySmart.sg is an online personal finance magazine that provides information that is relevant to you. Check out promotions and previews on the latest product offerings in the consumer finance sector as well as tips and how-to-guides by industry experts.




  • Compare Home Loans Online

    We’re working hard to deliver an even better user experience. The new SmartLoans.sg will include more loans, robust calculators and tools.

    The new site will also bear our new logo, reflecting the changes in SmartLoans.sg and bear consistant branding with our other sister sites soon to be launched.

  • Compare Credit Cards Online

    SmartCredit.sg allows you to search and compare all credits card offerings by major banks in Singapore as well as apply for them directly online.




  • Compare Insurance Online

    SmartInsurance.sg is Singapore’s most comprehensive and easy-to-use online car insurance comparison platform.


We are Catapult Ventures, and we launch innovative web products


Coming up with the perfect solution, first requires understanding the problem. At Catapult, we understand the everyday problems faced by consumers and businesses alike. That's why we conceptualize all our products with a user driven methodology. Because at the end of the day, it's all about YOU!


We love the web! That's why we utilize the latest web technologies out there to build robust products that are not only effective but also extremely easy-to-use. Being a customer-driven company, we pay close attention to building simple and intuitive interfaces that make the user experience fun and hassle-free.


We believe that continuous improvement is the way to create world class products on the web. We continuously engage our users in meaningful conversations to create even better products. We use social media and effective online marketing strategies to reach out to more people to solve their problems the smarter way!